Clean Energy is Life

ENERGIA International Network on Gender and Sustainability is an international network of likeminded organisations and professionals, active in over 22 countries in Africa and Asia. It was established in 1996 to create an institutional base for galvanising action aimed at integrating gender into the energy access agenda of developing countries. Our view is that programmes, policies and markets

that explicitly address gender issues will result in better outcomes in terms of the sustainability of energy services and human development opportunities available to women and men.

Currently, ENERGIA runs three multi-year programs:

· The Women’s Economic Empowerment programme, which focuses on strengthening women entrepreneurs in the energy value chain. (

· The Gender and Energy Advocacy programme, working towards integrating gender objectives and actions into SE4All country action plans and investment prospectuses in five focus countries. (

· The Gender and Energy Research programme, which aims at providing an evidence base for improving energy investment effectiveness through understanding and better addressing women’s specific needs for modern energy services through empirical research. (