Clean Energy is Life
Energy for Women and Children’s Health initiative

In countries that lack even basic electricity, women are told to bring a candle to the health clinic to light the birth of their own children, because there is no electricity to power even simple lighting. Healthcare providers are forced to perform emergency surgery as power flickers on and off, or with no power at all. These situations are all too common in health clinics in many countries around the world. But they don’t have to be.

The Energy for Women and Children’s Health Initiative believes that access to electricity should never be a constraint to health access and health service delivery. This Sustainable Energy for All initiative works to bring electricity to health clinics in several target countries in Africa, and supports the broader improvement of energy in healthcare across a wide range of developing countries. Co-led by WHO, UN Women, and UNF, we are addressing the barriers facing health facility electrification by uniting public, private, and civil society partners, expertise, and resources to help catalyze concerted global action and achieve universal access to sustainable modern energy services in health facilities by 2030.