Clean Energy is Life
Global Good

Global Good is a collaborative effort between Bill Gates and Intellectual Ventures to invent and deploy technologies that improve the health and well-being of people in low-resource settings.

Improving the safety of women during childbirth and the survival of their infants is our major focus. The main causes of preventable mortality in low-resource settings – including hemorrhage of the mother during delivery, birth asphyxia of newborns, death of children due to pneumonia and vaccine-preventable diseases (the ‘vaccination gap’), and the causes of cervical cancer in older women, can be reduced by innovative technologies. The availability of energy in health centres is essential to deploy these technologies, especially in remote and rural areas.

Global Good is developing innovative, efficient and affordable technologies in these areas. A notable example is Arktek, a breakthrough passive, off-grid cold chain storage device that can keep vaccines and drugs (like oxytocin, medication often recommended for hemorrhage) at the appropriate temperature for up to 35 days. Currently we’re focused on developing a solar-driven vaccine storage device, low cost and effective screening tests for HPV (a leading cause of cervical cancer), improved power supply for electric coagulation devices for HPV treatment, and more affordable oxygen concentrators for health centres.