Clean Energy is Life
The Global LPG Partnership

The simple act of cooking a meal is killing 4.3 million people a year. The constant, noxious smoke from cooking with solid fuels in developing countries kills more people than AIDS, malaria and TB combined. And cooking with wood and charcoal is a major source of global forest destruction.

To help solve this, the Global LPG Partnership was launched under the UN Sustainable Energy for All initiative and announced by the UN Secretary General in 2012. Our mission is to lift one billion people from energy poverty by 2030, by partnering with developing countries to transform their energy markets, empower their consumers, and make critical, transformational investments that will bring clean, sustainable, modern cooking energy to their people.

Saving lives, saving forests, improving quality of life. Especially for women and children.

Click to visit us, learn more, and help us change the world for a billion people who must sacrifice every day the very breaths they take, merely to eat a cooked meal.