Clean Energy is Life
We Care Solar

We Care Solar addresses a critical aspect of global healthcare– the lack of reliable light and electricity in maternal health facilities. Pregnancy complications claim the lives of 287,000 mothers and millions of newborns annually, mostly in Africa and South Asia where over 200,000 health facilities lack reliable power to support safe deliveries. Without electricity, doctors and midwives struggle by kerosene lantern or candlelight to provide safe, timely and appropriate care. Life-saving c/sections and other medical procedures are delayed until sunrise or cancelled; critically ill patients can be turned away from hospitals lacking power.

We Care Solar designs and delivers robust, reliable solar electric kits, called “Solar Suitcases” for medical lighting, mobile communication and fetal monitoring. These 12V DC solar electric systems illuminate labor and delivery wards, provide power to charge cell phones for emergency communication, and charge essential medical devices. The Solar Suitcase is designed to be simple, safe, and durable. Recognizing the challenges of servicing equipment in remote settings, the Solar Suitcase was designed with high-quality, durable components and provides both power generation and highly efficient loads, including robust LED medical lighting fixtures. The Solar Suitcase replaces candles, kerosene lanterns, diesel fuel generators, for a safer, more efficient, more environmentally sustainable, and more appropriate lighting and power source for off-grid health centers. To date, more than 1000 health centers have been equipped with Solar Suitcases, enabling thousands of maternal health workers to provide safe and timely obstetric care. In addition, Solar Suitcases have been used by emergency health workers responding to medical needs after typhoons and earthquakes.